TGR (The Green Room) provides outdoor wellbeing coaching, leadership, and organisational development to maintain and improve mental fitness and human performance for those who serve the public.


We believe by preventing burnout, we will strengthen public serving organisations and society as a whole.

We place a strong priority on public policy progress in recognising the needs and role of public servant families.

Through bespoke, group and individual interventions, TGR facilitates the unlocking and releasing of inner saboteurs to maximise human resilience and recovery in a safe environment.

By stepping outdoors, we believe the stress experienced in serving roles and everyday modern life can be offset.

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Optimising Human Performance

Martin - The Green Room Coaching
Emma - The Green Room coaching

Who We Are

Our mission - to maximise the mental fitness and human performance of those who serve to prevent burnout

Emma Higginson-Smith

A high impact behaviour change coach and consultant with organisational development and national-level public policy influencing experience, Emma has worked as a CEO, with senior leaders and Boards to empower sustainable strategic change. Her unwavering commitment to further personal and organisational wellbeing in complexity strengthens leadership resilience and enables cultural transformation. She is passionate about human performance, health and nutrition and the benefits of the outdoors.

Our Faculty

TGR has a strong faculty of coaches, experts and outdoor adventure leaders from complex working environments. Each coach brings three dimensions: practical expertise, lived multi-disciplinary professional experience and proven coaching capability. We also harness the expertise of behavioural scientists, psychologists, policy experts and academics, researchers, and adventure leads.

Martin Brennan

Martin was a police officer for 30 years, and has represented UK Policing at the United Nations as an advisor to UN peacekeeping missions.

He is an international expedition leader and works as an experienced professional outdoor wellbeing coach. He has led police teams during high-risk dynamic investigations, protecting the lives of vulnerable victims and prosecuting offenders.


TGR offers life-changing interventions to individuals and groups. We focus on behaviours, harness movement, drive wellbeing habits, and educate on health and nutrition. Where many providers offer an activity-led experience, this is where we differ. TGR harnesses the power of activities as tools to embed sustained behaviour change. The coaching narrative during the activities is an essential component.

Group Programme
A structured, residential 2.5-day programme to enable individuals to understand what mental fitness means to them and how it impacts their own human performance. Outdoor coaching with multiple activities.
Individual Programme
A bespoke, in-depth residential 2.5-day programme at a location suited to the individual with wellbeing coaching, walks and talks and activities.
1:1 Coaching
A block of six coaching sessions delivered face-to-face or online.
Guest speaking & masterclasses
We run workshops, webinars and masterclasses for conferences and workplace events. Please get in touch for more information.

Why we are different

TGR is a specialist and credible partner that is trusted, evidence-based and proven. All coaches have successful previous careers and a prominent level of coaching experience and accreditation. Our goal is to build capabilities that have sustained impacts that resonate with the individual. By empowering delegates to test, learn and apply the behaviour changes in their own lives, we directly improve mental fitness for the long term.

Our co-design approach

We co-design the programme with you, harnessing years of insight from leading and working with diverse groups in military, medical, blue light, corporate, education and third sectors. Our dynamic and innovative style is grounded in proven coaching models, tools, and techniques such as solutions-focused, Time to Think (Nancy Kline), Heron, GROW, Gestalt, Co-Active. We harness up-to-date outdoor coaching research to embed the power of nature into our design.

Meeting bespoke needs

We do not offer a one-size-fits all approach. Tailored narrative and tools are critical for sustainable impact and to empower individuals to build trust and ownership. We meet individuals where they are and take them further along their own journey. We harness multidisciplinary expertise and listen to the needs of the organisation and the individual.

Course Outcomes

Mental fitness is the objective, not the success of the activity. Therefore, time and flexibility are built in for fun, connection, fireside chats and for individuals to adapt, respond and talk. We believe in investing in the mental fitness of individuals, not just providing an experience to recuperate.

Contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by filling in our contact form. We are here to help.

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